The brand name for our Real Time Stock Information Display product. StockVision panel typical consists of multi lines of display modules showing the following information:
Stock Name 12 characters of 5 x 7 LED module displaying name of stock traded
Selling price/ Sell cumulative 4-digits 3 colour numeric modules displaying current offer to sell price and quantity of stock quoted for sale
Buy price/ Buy cumulative 4-digits 3 colour numeric modules displaying current offer to buy price and quantity of stock to purchase
Last Done / Volume A 5-digits 3 colour numeric module displaying last trade stock price and total cumulated volume traded at that instant

StockVision System Schematics
The system uses 3 colours i.e. red, green & amber to indicate that the stock last traded price of the stock is lower, higher or unchange from the previous trading day's closing price.

StockVision constructs with all front access modules, has a thickness of only 75mm. Its lightweight structure allows for ease in transportation and installation. The panel can be directly installed against a brickwall with a 25mm ventilation gap.

Character heights are determined by the viewing distance and availability of space. We can customized the board in accordance to the needs of our clients and provide StockVision panels of any character size to suit the viewing distance and space constraints.

Our StockVision can be directly interfaced to KLSE-SCAN data feed or any other source provider such as Bloomberg, Bernama, Reuter etc. The 32K bytes of memory capacity in our StockVision allows for several thousand lines of stock information to be store, retrieved and displayed. As such, increases to the current total number of counters on the KLSE can be accommodated.

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