MatrixVision Scoreboard System
MatrixVision Variable Message Sign
MatrixVision Portable VMS
MatrixVision General Purpose Information Board
MatrixVision Brochures : download (878KB)

MatrixVision is the monochromatic equivalent of our SpectrumVision. Similar concept in design & construction except that it uses single colour or Red-Green colour LEDs instead of Red, Green, Blue elements.

The more economical version of this board is that designed to produce shaded graphical images without video capabilities. Being of matrix formation, it can write text characters with various fonts & sizes.

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Variable Message Sign (VMS)
VMS Brochures : download (529KB)
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Portable Variable Message Sign (VMS)
Portable VMS Brochures : download (653KB)
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Indoor General Purpose Information Board

Indoor MatrixVision Brochures : download (0.62MB)
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