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Sport Display - Multisport scoreboard

Recommended by Major Sport Federations


Scoreboard range >>

  • Modular scoreboards
  • Multisport scoreboards: Club, Evolution and Master
  • Tabletop scoreboards: Chronotop

Display >>

  • Excellent visibility
  • Timer, scores, periods, fouls
  • Advanced functions: player and team names, score per player
  • Time and temperature display

The experience at the service of competition >>

  • Ergonomics adapted to every user
  • The expert of the major sport events
  • Compliant with sport feredations rules
  • At technical service outreach

Technology >>

  • Wired or wireless communication (868 MHz)
  • Optional radio synchronisation FI 162 or DCF 77
  • Shockproof material (tested DIN 18032-3)
  • High brightness LEDs for a perfect visibility and a large viewing angle


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